Principal Investigator

Diane S. Rohlman, PhD


James R. Olson, PhD
Matthew Bonner, PhD, MPH
Gaafar Abdel-Rasoul, MD
Olfat Hendy, MD
Ahmed Ismail, MD, PhD

Lead Research Assistants

Mahmoud Ismail, PhD - Lead Research Assistant
Tameem Abou Eleinein, MSc - Laboratory Research Assistant
Mohammed Fou’ad, BA - Study Coordinator









Top row, left to right: Mohammed Fou’ad, James Olson, Matthew Bonner, Mahmoud Ismail, Tameem Abou Eleinein; Bottom row, left to right: Gaafar Abdel-Rasoul, Diane Rohlman, Olfat Hendy, Ahmed Ismail









Left to right: Mohammed Fou’ad, Mahmoud Ismail, Matthew Bonner, Gaafar Abdel-Rasoul, Diane Rohlman, James Olson, Olfat Hendy, Ahmed Ismail, Tameem Abou Eleinein

Field Research Assistants

Ahmed Mohammed Nasef, BA
Mohamed Nowishy, BA
Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Hella, AS
Tarek Mohammed Khater, AS
Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Ismail, VD
Mabrook Said Abdel-Halim, BA
Mahmoud Nassef, BA                                   
Mohamed Abdelgawad, BA

Laboratory Research Assistants

Ahmed Gamal Eldin, MSc
Mohamed Elbayoumy, AS








Top row, left to right: Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Ismail, Mohammed Said, Hamdy Mohammed Khater, Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Hella, Mahmoud Nassef, Mohamed Nowishy; Bottom row, left to right: Ahmed Mohammed Nasef, Mohamed Abdelgawad, Mahmoud Ismail, Mohammed Fou'ad, Mabrook Said Abdel-Halim









Top row, left to right: Mohammed Fou'ad, Mohammed Said, Hamdy Mohammed Khater, Mohamed Abdelgawad, Mahmoud Nassef; Bottom row, left to right: Research Assistant, Mabrook Said Abdel-Halim, Mahmoud Ismail, Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Hella, Mohamed Nowishy