Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart is a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Agricultural Safety and Health. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Baylor University in Waco, TX, and is originally from Georgetown, TX. Madison's research interests include environmental injustices that occur in agricultural communities and occupations, as well as environmental toxicology. Aside from graduate coursework, Madison is also involved with the Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

Wendy Ringgenberg

Wendy Ringgenberg is a graduate of our program: she received a Master of Science in Agricultural Safety and Health in 2014. Her research topic examined occupationally-related suicide and homicide among farmers. She chose the Agricultural Safety and Health graduate program at the University of Iowa because she wants to "help farmers and agriculture workers be safe in the workplace". Wendy currently works at a Certified Industrial Hygienist with The Finn Group, where she conducts environmental sampling for clients and assesses potential workplace risks for employees.

Yanni Liang

Yanni Liang is a third-year doctoral student pursuing a PhD in Agricultural Safety and Health. Yanni is originally from a small village in southeast China, where she grew up in a subsistence farming household. Yanni moved to the United States nine years ago in order to attend school in Wisconsin. She holds Bachelors degrees in International Business and Economics from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, as well as a Master of Science degree in Health Informatics from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Lauren LaDuca

Lauren LaDuca is a recent graduate of our program: she earned a Master of Science in Agricultural Safety and Health with a focus in Epidemiology in May 2018. Her thesis is entitled: "Understanding exposure to neonicotinoids in seed treatment and handling." She is originally from Easton, PA, and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Lauren's research focused on the life-cycle of neonicotinoids and possible routes of exposure.

Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Safety and Health, and is currently writing her thesis. She has a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Dairy Science from Iowa State University, and Master of Science in Food Science from the University of Georgia. Karen comes from a beef and hay farming background, and still lives and farms east of Cedar Rapids, IA. She had a long and rewarding career in the food industry, where her work focused on food ingredients, primarily corn milling products.

Ashlee Johannes

Ashlee Johannes is a graduate of our program: she received a Master of Science in Agricultural Safety and Health with a focus on Epidemiology in 2016. Her research examined the health of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Iowa; in particular, the prevention and care of agricultural injuries and illnesses among the farmworker population. Ashlee recently accepted the position of Assistant Director of Development for Health Care Philanthropy with the University of Iowa Center for Advancement.

Josie Rudolphi

Josie Rudolphi is a graduate of our program: she received a PhD in Agricultural Safety and Health in May 2017. Her dissertation was on the health and safety of young adult agricultural workers. It included a survey of workplace practices of young adults in agriculture, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of an intervention to increase the use of hearing protection among young adult swine facility workers. Josie also conducted international research, focusing primarily on older agricultural workers.

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