2016 MS Graduate, Agricultural Safety and Health (Advisor: Dr. Rohlman)
Levitt Center for University Advancement

Ashlee Johannes is a graduate of our program: she received a Master of Science in Agricultural Safety and Health with a focus on Epidemiology in 2016. Her research examined the health of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Iowa; in particular, the prevention and care of agricultural injuries and illnesses among the farmworker population. Ashlee recently accepted the position of Assistant Director of Development for Health Care Philanthropy with the University of Iowa Center for Advancement. She helps to raise support for the cutting-edge research and healthcare services at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and its affiliated colleges, particularly for the Stead Family Children’s Hospital and Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. Previously, Ashlee worked as an Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the Iowa Watershed Approach Flood Resilience Program and the Iowa Superfund Research Program, which are run through IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering at the University of Iowa. While she grew up in Iowa, Ashlee is from the city of Des Moines and did not grow up on a farm. She became interested in agricultural education during her undergraduate years, while taking nutrition courses for her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology. During her time in the Agricultural Safety and Health graduate program at the University of Iowa, Ashlee was involved with I-CASH, Dr. Petersen's Laboratory, and several other organizations. She also was an intern at the Iowa Department of Public Health and Proteus, Inc. as a collaborative preceptorship, and she had the opportunity to be involved in several projects regarding occupational health and safety.