Promoting U through Safety and Health


Young workers between the ages of 14 and 24 are at increased risk for occupational injuries. Because of limited on the job experience, young workers may not recognize workplace hazards. Furthermore, they may not be aware of their rights and lack skills to exercise them in the workplace. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as risk-taking, substance use, and distracted behaviors (i.e. texting while operating machinery), as well as fatigue or sleep deprivation, can impact safety on the job. The overall goal of this translational research project is to improve health and reduce the incidence of workplace injury among young workers through an online, age-appropriate safety and wellness training. Promoting U through Safety and Health (PUSH) combined existing curricula designed for youth, including NIOSH’s Talking Safety: Youth@Work, evidence-based ATHENA and ATLAS, and communication strategies that are important for helping young workers achieve Total Worker Health™. We partnered with Portland Parks & Recreation to develop, evaluate, and disseminate the PUSH training.

Study Activities

Needs Assessment: Characterizing the Needs of a Young Working Population

Training Development: Curriculum Pilot Activities

Evaluate PUSH Training: Effectiveness Trial

  • Randomized Control Trial with Portland Parks & Recreation staff
  • Evluated with food service workers between the ages of 18-24

Research to Practice: PUSH in the Real World

  • Portland Parks and Recreation Aquatics adopts training for all new hires