Click here to read more about the 2016 MRASH Conference that was held at the Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center, IA - November 15-16, 2016.

Photos of University of Iowa Department of Occupational & Environmental Health trainees at the 2016 MRASH Conference:









Josie Rudolphi standing with her poster entitled, "Track That: Designing a Safety Intervention Using the Social Cognitive Theory". Dr. Rudolphi graduated from The University of Iowa College of Pubic Health-Department of Occupational and Environmental Health with a PhD in Agricultural Safety and Health in May 2017.









From left to right: Jennifer Proctor, MS candidate Lauren LaDuca, and PhD candidate Kayla Faust stand next to a poster to which Mrs. Faust contributed research. The poster was entitled, "Development of a Noise Induced Hearing Loss Simulation Tool for Educating Young Farmers".

OEH trainee and MS candidate DeAnn Scott-Harp at the 2016 MRASH Conference.









OEH trainee and MS candidate Emily Trenkamp standing next to her poster at the 2016 MRASH Conference. Ms. Trenkamp's poster was entitled, "Evaluation of Heaters on Air Quality in a Swine Farrowing Building".









Gerene Denning, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine and Research Scientist with the IPRC (Injury Prevention Research Center) stands with MS candidate Karen Thornton beside their poster entitled "Occupational Side-by-Side Vehicle Exposure, Safety Behaviors and Crash Experiences of Iowa FFA Members". 









Dr. Diane Rohlman, Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health and Director of the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest, takes a selfie with her students at the 2016 MRASH Conference. From left, front row: Dr. Diane Rohlman, Karen Thornton, Maya Ramaswamy, Josie Rudolphi, Jennifer Proctor, and Emily Trenkamp; From left, back row: DeAnn Scott-Harp, Kayla Faust, an Industrial Hygiene student, and Lauren LaDuca.









Another 2016 MRASH Conference selfie, this time with OEH professors Renée Anthony, PhD and Brandi Janssen, PhD. From left to right, front row: Dr. Diane Rohlman, Karen Thornton, Maya Ramaswamy, Josie Rudolphi, Emily Trenkamp, and Dr. Brandi Janssen; From left, back row: DeAnn Scott-Harp, Kayla Faust, Dr. Renée Anthony, an Industrial Hygiene student, Lauren LaDuca, and Jennifer Proctor.